GenAI Momentum
in the IT Channel

Data Insights to Optimize Your GenAI Strategy and Access AI

The arrival of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is a watershed moment accelerating AI exploration and initiatives across the IT channel.

How technology companies navigate this fast-changing landscape will establish early AI innovation leaders and help brands capture long-term, GenAI-powered opportunities. Get timely insights to build an informed and successful AI strategy in AI in Action: What GenAI Momentum Means for the IT Channel. This eBook delivers key results from two recent AI integration studies by The Channel Company and offers guidance for AI initiatives that propel success for your channel partners — and your enterprise.
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• The progress of GenAI implementation across the IT channel
• Channel partner expectations for GenAI — now and long-term
• AI use cases gaining the most traction so far
• Top challenges to AI integration
• Actionable tips to help you build and optimize your IT channel AI strategy
• And much more!
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