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The Changing Midmarket IT Landscape:
Moving From Crisis To Recovery

An IDC Perspective Report From the Midsize Enterprise Summit

The 2nd Annual Midmarket Perspective Report from IDC, in partnership with The Channel Company, shows that the pandemic has thrust midmarket IT leaders and departments into the center of corporate strategy and success. In a survey of Midsize Enterprise Summit participants, respondents indicate that more than half have moved into recovery mode, focusing on business resiliency, targeted investments and their future strategy.

Key takeaways from this report include:

  • Midsize enterprise leaders are predicting a rapid transition to new digital strategies which has only been accelerated by the pandemic.
  • Business resilience (including security metrics and risk management) is a top focus for midmarket IT leaders, with 85% of leaders ranking it as one of their top 2 priorities.
  • The exceptional CIOs and their teams avoid thinking only about adding technology on an ad hoc or situational basis; instead, they constantly reinforce the business outcomes associated with a new technology or capability.
CIOs and IT executives should deeply consider the challenges and opportunities anticipated as we ride out the pandemic and its recovery, using this report as a guide to future professional success. IT's legacy from this pandemic will be that IT has seized the moment and helped pivot its organizations. The critical role of IT and our digital infrastructures clear: IT is no longer a tool to improve productivity — IT has become the foundation for our businesses. Lasting success in the digital age will depend on their ability to move at the speed of change and expertly align utilization of new technologies with key business objectives.
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