Apply now to be our guest at the exclusive Best of Breed (BoB) Virtual Event Series: Fall 2020. If you are a leader of one of the IT channel’s most esteemed solution provider organizations and CRN List company honoree — Solution Provider 500, Tech Elite 250 and Fast Growth 150 — we welcome you to join us and your executive-level vendor peers for this 2 ½ hour online event featuring:
  • Empowering CEO Interviews
  • SP 500 Solution Provider Spotlight
  • Economic & Market Trend Keynotes
  • CRN Triple Crown Showcase
  • Peer-to-Peer Networking Lounge
  • Content Gallery, Including Executive Sessions
Leading in Uncertain Times

The only certainty for leaders of best-of-breed (BoB) organizations is that uncertainty lies ahead. Senior leaders of IT solution and service providers have occupied a dual office since the onset of the pandemic—guiding their organizations through the crisis and helping customers answer the question of “Now what do we do?” Doing both of these well solidified their standing as best-of-breed leaders. Those falling short were gobbled up or left to flail in an unforgiving time. The big BoB question is what happens next? Leaders must shake off the accolades showered upon them for getting through 2020 and set a course for growth in 2021 and beyond. That means staring down the uncertainty and unknown facing every business and developing the right partnerships, strategy and skill set. The sprint is over, the marathon begins.
The BoB CEO Interviews
Antonio Neri
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jim Whitehurst
Best of Breed Virtual Series: Winter 2021
January 27, 2021